You can't comment on this for a reason

Yeah, so I've pondered skin lightening again. I'm going to take it seriously this time, but no chemical creams.

This isn't even new for. I've been thinking about this for years, probably since I was 12. So what happened was that I came back from my aunt's house after summer vacation when I was 12 and the first thing my mother said to me was "Damn, how did you get so dark?!" Those words have stuck to me like glue ever since.

What also doesn't help is getting teased at school for being dark, for being ugly, for being really skinny, for being so unlike the rest. It really doesn't help now because I can't get a date for shit, I'm always ignored, I couldn't tell you the last time I ever regarded myself as beautiful, pretty or anything like that. That's because frankly, I haven't found any reason to find myself in that way.

Some would look at this and say this is full of self hate. They may be right.

I promise to write in here more often

YAY summer started after my last exam yesterday!!

Now, IDK what to do with myself!
-I tried applying for jobs, but none of them called me back. I don't know if I should feel bad about myself that freakin' TARGET denied me
-I'm so broke, I just want to cry ;_;
-My mom wants me to do summer school. HA.HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! These last two semesters were taxing enough, I don't think I can handle a semester amount of stress in about six weeks.
-I need to get the list of universities that I want to go to together. University of Maryland is definately up there, but I want more. Maybe George Washington (if it wasn't so fooking expensive!) or some other school out of Maryland would be nice...for the right price.
-Also need to look into exchange programs once I get into a four year. I was looking into random ones like QMUL, LSE, and a whole bunch of random ones, but I don't understand the English education system that well
-Need to do scholarship applications (one of which I desperately need!)
-Need to type up a resume for some kind of government job. I mean, this is DC, there can't be too much of a shortage of internships/jobs. Right? goal is always "I'm going to do all of that in the span of a week, but then Wednesday comes around and I feel unaccomplished :-/ If I could just...focus!!

Oh yeah, my layout  needs a change...any ideas?

CL Draw Results

and here...we...go!!


Q2-Manchester United-FC Porto


Q4-FC Barcelona-Bayern Munchen

SF Draw

Winners Q2-WinnersQ1
Winners Q4-Winners Q3

Final in Rome
Winners of SF2 will be considered the home team
Winners of SF1 will be considered the away team

Where have I been?

Ok, after a graduation, a cold and driving instruction, I'M BACK!!

So, what has happened since I last updated?

  •  Samir Nasri just loves to fuck mess around with us
  • Gael Clichy signs a new contract
  • Hleb is still hiding under his blankie because he's scared of London (maybe some ice cream will get him out of there..has anyone tried that?
  • AC Milan and Barcelona are fighting over Adebayor
  • Euros...YAAAAY EUROS!!

I need more stuff...

What is this blog all about!?


I just made a brand new blog today. I hope to focus this on a humorous take on whats going on with Arsenal FC (...we're by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen!!)

Please bare with me as I figure this LJ thing out

Till then
              xXJessyXx (I really should get myself a proper signature